About Us

IVS (Intellectual Virtual String) Softtech has been providing business solution to the industry since 2015. We service an extensive list of small to medium-size businesses that stretch across the globe. We specialize in corporate identity and brand awareness, as well as, on-line presence and e-commerce solutions.

Our staff of proficient domain experts can work with you to develop and manage projects that are exceptional quality.

IVS (Intellectual Virtual String) Softtech will be your one-stop solution. We will assist you in developing a strategy to produce your IVS Softtech materials for business use. We can assure you that your business will stand high above the rest, because we are confident that our team will satisfy your entire Internet and graphic needs. We look forward to working with you!

Vision Statement:-

Our vision is to empower the Offline / Traditional Business with latest technologies and innovative solution and providing global platform and widen customer horizons.  i.e. Transform Offline Business to Online.

Key challenge is to provide cost effective solution with long term benefits. That’s why we work with our customer as partner instead of vendor/supplier and provide creative , innovative solution made for them those can be extended when needed in future.

Provide an environment to foster creative and innovative ideas from every team member, So that transform into real world solution and provide benefits to as many as many people.

Mission Statement:-

To be the most customer focused company in the world, Helping in Transforming Offline / Traditional Business to Online.

Work as partner instead of vendor / supplier and become growth catalyst for our customer.

Core Values:-

We believe that every organization is made up of people, whose work needs to be guided and co-ordinated.

  • Customer focus (know the customer to provide better solution)
  • Creativity and Innovation at work
  • Integrity (say what you mean and mean what you say) and Transparency
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Fun at work
  • Know the Basics and spend time in Details (details will make a difference)
  • Retrospection to Improve  future path planning