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Transform Offline Business to Online
Transforming Offline business or traditional business to online and providing the global platform and widen customer horizons.

Customer Focus Solutions

At IVS we provide business solutions for our customer specific to their requirement also give recommendations.

Current Solutions:-

RFID Solutions

IVS provides bespoke two type of RFID based solutions.

Touch and Go Model
GATE READER / Walk Through Model

  1. IVS Student Alerts & Attendance System (ISAAS)
  2. IVS GPS CCTV RFID Bus Solution
  3. IVS Library Management System (ILMS)
  4. IVS Asset Management System (IAMS)


IVS Other Products and Solutions



IVS Smart Kids GPS Watch

Please see below features.

  1. SOS Button for help: In case of emergency, The child can send the help message to the Guardian by calls.
  2. Triple positioning: GPS Satellite + LBS + AGPS Location based Triple monitor positioning to realize all real-time position tracking whole days.
  3. Electronic fence: Adult can set safe activity province for your child, Once out of the range, The IVS Watch will inform the Guardian via SMS and App Alert message that Geo Fence has been breached.
  4. History trace: Can trace your history position within recently Daily Tracking of the Child
  5. Watch Removal Alerts: When required Child remove the Watch,  Guardian will receive SMS and App notification that “Child has taken off device”.
  6. Voice Chat: When required Parents can Voice chat with child and vice versa.
  7. Do Not Disturb Mode: Guardian can set the Watch in silent mode to avoid any distraction for a particular duration e.g. School Study Hours etc.
  8. Remote monitoring: Build-in high sensitive microphone, Guardian can listen to the sounds around your children by taking actions on the App on your phone.
  9. Two-way conversation: Users can communicate each other, The IVS Watch can bind four adults number.When in an emergency, Press the SOS, It will dial the preset number in the wheel, and stop if connected.
  10. Time/Date display: Adjust itself by GPS

Pedometer: can record the step count of the user and Calorie spent etc

Visit Here  for FAQs and Support

IVS Smart Health Wristband

Please see below features.

  1. Professional heart rate detection: With PPG green ray scanning, whether you are resting or doing sports, detect you heart rate more accurately.
  2. Multisports and health tracker: Sports tracking (Pedometer, distance, calorie), sleep tracking (sleeping time, sleeping quality), set fitness goals, movement pattern (Swimming mode, Bicycle-riding mode, Running mode, Rope skipping, Sit-ups, Jumping jacks).
  3. GPS movement: Trajectory, distance, Time, Pace, Calorie, historical records, track sharing.
  4. Information push: Push instant information, such as Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp, let you real-time receive information.
  5. Turn your wrist gently, then the screen will wake up, it’s convenient for you to see time and data.
  6. Built-in 90mAh Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, can be used about 10 days.
  7. Compatible with Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above, with Bluetooth 4.0 Phone.
  8. IP67 waterproof: IVS wristband can be worn to swim. (Depth is under 1m, time is less than 30mins).
  9. Pedometer: can record the step count of the user and Calorie spent etc

IVS Smart Wristband Online Manual Available here:-

Please see below features.

  1. Smart Camera
  2. Smart Socket
  3. Smart Lamp with 16 million+ Color option
  4. PIR Motion Sensor
  5. Door Sensor
  6. Add IR remote control
  7. Add ZigBee control device
  8. Add RF alarm detector
  9. ZigBee control accessory
  10. Alarm detector
  11. Push notification
  12. Message center will record the alarm camera or normal IP camera motion detection alarm log, and alarm time, click can view the real-time video.







Online Course and Test Series

We also offer various types of Learning and Delivery for each individual
● Individual learning plans (ILP)
● Collaborative and social learning (wikis, blogs, forums)
● Blended learning – mix eLearning (online) and face to face activity (offline)

Our Smart Career Framework (PGT) will drive you so that you can:
● PLAN your development,
● GAIN skills and experience,
● TRACK your progress

We prepare Education roadmap for each individual and we offer an ILP for the same.