We are committed to deliver work in time with the maximum possible quality. It is the basis of our organization. The yardstick of our success is customer satisfaction.

  • Consulting Services & Software Development
    1. RFID Based Bespoke Solutions
    2. Standalone and Enterprise Custom Software Solution
    3. Web Development and Website Designing / Redesigning
    4. E-Commerce & M-Commerce Solutions
    5. Social Media Integration and Web / Internet Marketing (SEO/SCM)
    6. Transform Web Application to Wireless Handheld Devices(Mobile/Tablet/Smart Watch)
    7. Project Management / PMO / Agile / SCRUM
    8. Cloud and DevOps Consulting
    9. Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Training & Education
    1. Project and Process Improvement – PMP, CSM (SCRUM) & ITIL
    2. Cloud and DevOps

Cloud and DevOps Consulting
If you are looking to improve your software quality, automate processes, adapt company culture, and accelerate software releases with quality and timely manner, IVS  DevOps consulting services can deliver. Our experts can help you to improve your products, services and process at a more accelerated speed, ensuring your organization can enjoy a well developed and supported infrastructure management process. IVS Softtech® Pvt. Ltd, a leading DevOps consulting company, can enable continuous delivery pipeline across the cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced costs.

Web Site Design
For everything from custom web site design to redesigning an existing site, look no further than IVS Softtech. Whether you need a full-service automated business site or just want to establish a simple on-line presence, we’ve got you covered. Our design experts are equally adept at creating highly interactive sites utilizing Flash Technology as well as sites that can be easily updated by your own staff. We’ll even provide all the training you need to help maintain the site once it’s up and running. Contact us for a web design estimate and visit our portfolio.

Looking for a shopping cart you can maintain in-house? Let IVS Softtech utilize the latest technology to create an e-commerce web site and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of an automated site without spending a dime over the initial set-up costs. Designed with maximum functionality in mind, our innovative e-commerce sites come with all the bells and whistles. They can even be customized to perform special procedures specific to your business or industry. Learn how to add/delete products, process your orders on-line, and keep track of sales and customer information and more. Visit our portfolio and contact us for an e-commerce estimate.

Prototyping and Research

If you have a cutting-edge idea for a new mobile device application, we will do the research and prototyping for you! Our team at can help reduce any risk in your project and offer you valuable information on the feasibility of your Rich client Application and mobile device application project. We can also create a prototype based on your idea to make your concept come to life for potential partners and investors before the commitment to full development takes place.

Integration with Existing Applications
Want to integrate your new handheld application with already existing applications and databases? Need to reach a new audience of on-the-go users? No problem! We can design and develop custom mobile device applications to work with your existing website and business tools. This saves you time and increases your market reach to mobile device users. Developing your business tools for mobile devices also enables you to submit and retrieve information from the field in real-time.