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Indian Ordnance Factories,  Department of Defence Production of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India

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  1. Ordnance Factory Kanpur (OFC), Uttar Pradesh
  2. Field Gun Factory Kanpur (FGK), Uttar Pradesh
  3. SMALL ARMS Factory (SAF) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Ordnance Parachute Factory (OPF) Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh
  5. Ordnance Equipment Factory (OEFC) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  6. Ordnance Factory Project Korwa (OFPKR), Amethi, Uttar Pradesh
  7. Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEFHz), Uttar Pradesh
  8. Ordnance Factories Institute Of Learning Kanpur (OFILKN), Uttar Pradesh
  9. Opto Electronics Factory (OLF) Dehradun , Uttarakhand
  10. Ordnance Factory (OFDUN) Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  11. Ordnance Factory Project (OFN) Nalanda, Bihar
  12. Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh
  13. Ordnance Factory Dumdum (OFDC), Kolkata, West Bengal
  14. Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI), West Bengal
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