RFID Solutions

IVS provides bespoke two type of RFID based solutions.

Touch and Go Model
GATE READER / Walk Through Model

  1. IVS Student Alerts & Attendance System (ISAAS)
  2. IVS GPS CCTV RFID Bus Solution

IVS Student Alerts & Attendance System(ISAAS)

    Features of “Gate Reader / Walk Through” Model
Salient Feature:-
• No Need to Change anything In Current Practice of Operation.
• No Need of a Computer or a Person to Manage as this is a fully automated system.
• No Need of Internet cost for you.  However, All Records are available online.
• Accurate & Automatic Student Attendance.
• Automatic Daily SMS to Parents on Arrival/Leave of student from school.
• Automatic SMS to Parents of Absent Students or student not leaving school after standard school time is over
• Automatic SMS to Parents of Students who tried to bunk the school or leaving earlier then regular time.
• Auto attendance of students as soon as student enters school premise/class Tracking, monitoring, and identification of students in school premise and in GPS/GPRS-enabled school buses in real time
• Keeping records of late arrival, early departure, and time summary
• Besides daily tracking of the child, In School Attendance system can also be used to inform parents of the Events, Holidays and Change in any schedule of the school.
• Daily / Weekly /Monthly / Yearly Absentee/Attendance Customize Report
• Manual Entry Option for a student who forgot his/her ID card.
• Bulk SMS facility for special events and announcements
Benefits to Parents:-
• High-end technology that ensures complete safety and security of the child.
• Automated SMS updates to parents of their children at the time of arrival and leaving school premises.
• Helps in reducing stress level and anxiety of parents regarding the whereabouts of their children.
• Low cost and effective solution
School Benefits – Branding and Financial:- 
• Sets a standard benchmark for schools in terms of Highly Specialized Technology
• Accurate & Automatic Student Attendance
• Helps in inculcating principles of discipline and punctuality in the child, Leads to better confidence on a school by parent/guardian.
• Cost to Solution
• Almost Zero Setup Cost
• No Investment in Infrastructure
• No license and Maintenance fee. How ???   Pay As you GO – PAYG.  Talk to our Sales team about cost/ revenue model.

Automatic Reports at Glance:-